The word probably resonates with you in the form of the comfort of a good night’s meal and the tingling of your taste buds. But we must warn you, after you’re through with reading this, you may just gain a whole new outlook on the word.

The title of the United Kingdom’s national dish is popularly awarded to “Chicken Tikka Masala”.

Oh, but it’s so much more than just a dish, isn’t it? Everybody loves tikka, but have you ever stopped to think about its origin story? Well, if that’s not something that crosses your mind while you’re busy devouring some skewers in a steamy tikka session, we don’t blame you!

But now that we’ve got you intrigued; we’d love to feed your curiosity. Now there’s no easy way to say this… but we don’t know either!

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The Origins

The origins and forms of the tikka are a topic that has been widely speculated, but remain a riddle with no straight answer.

Rumour has it, that in the 1970’s, a chef from Scotland added some sauce to his previously, dry tasting tikka, in his quest to please an unhappy customer. We think it’s safe to say that he was successful in his quest, huh?

Some strongly believe that the dish has its roots firmly planted in the Indian soils, while some attribute its success to the British for their improvisations to what they picked up of it from India.

It has had multiple accidental discoveries in various forms through periodical improvisations, but what most people fail to recognise is that “Chicken Tikka Masala” is nothing but a form of our old friend - Tikka

We may never agree on its origin or its true, authentic form, but there is one thing that we can all agree on: Tikka has taken on a large cultural significance in Britain (much like it has in our hearts).

Tikka is a symbol of multicultural unity. It was the first widely accepted example of fusion cuisine. In a language beyond words, Tikka speaks tales of unification, cultural diffusion, and love. Because no matter which language is spoken across which country in what part of the world, our mutual love for this marvellous dish supersedes what dialect could ever convey. It’s a celebration of love, life, and togetherness. Keeping this in our hearts, it would be the greatest honour for us to be able to share this celebration with you. At Tikka Nation, no one feels left out. With a menu that caters to vegan, vegetarian, and meat loving people too, there’s a tikka for every person’s palette, so don’t worry!

Tikka Nation is that love, life, and togetherness personified into a channel that enables us to celebrate this joy in solidarity. Because you see, it’s like we mentioned before.
“Tikka” is more than just a dish.

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